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In this article, we'll take a look at MyCashNow, a legitimate payday loans lender from Canada that has been around in the U.S for quite a while now. You'll learn about their corporate status, payday loan terms, and quality customer service.

About MyCashNow Direct Payday Loans Lender:

MyCashNow is a direct payday loans lender that gives short-term personal loans, which is also known as cash advance or instant payday loan. The company claims to remain committed in finding new ways to build the trust and confidence of their new and current payday loan customers in the U.S.

My Cash Now has provided many of its cash advance customers with quick and easy personal payday loans. As it says on the company website, MyCashNow's mission is to provide their customers with the best possible customer service available, among others.

But does MyCashNow direct payday loans lender really serve its payday loan and cash advance customers as well as it claims?

MyCashNow's Payday Loan Terms:

MyCashNow direct payday lender has different payday loan terms for its new and returning customers in the U.S. While both new and returning customers can borrow a minimum of $100, returning customers can borrow a maximum of $1,000, while new customer can take out a loan of less than $1,000.

Based on the current MyCashNow's standard loan rates, returning customers can borrow a payday loan at an APR of 485.45%. Please always check at the MyCashNow company website for the payday loans or cash advance's latest APR set.

To give a representative example, a borrower takes out a loan of $100 from MyCashNow and will repay it in 14 days. The borrower will repay his loan of $100 plus the interest of $18.62, for a total of $118.62.

What are the Borrower's Requirements for MyCashNow Payday Loans?

MyCashNow has quite a lot of lending requirements from their cash advance or payday loan new customers. First, the loans borrower must be at least 18 years old. He must also have an open checking account and has used it for at least 90 days. The loan borrower must also be employed, and his checking account should reflect that he has made deposits of at least $1,000 once a month.

My Cash Now will also need the cash advance borrower's current phone number, and it will have to verify the borrower's current job status with its current employer.

The verdict is that while MyCashNow asks a lot from its first-time customers, returning customers should have an easier process. You can apply for an instant payday loan online, and you will know about your loan approval within 24 hours, and receive your cash via deposit to your checking account overnight. You can also repay your loans within 31 days, and if you need an extension, simply call them up for a request.

SUMMARY - If you want a quick and easy cash advance loan that you can pay off on your next payday, then MyCashNow is a great place to get your emergency cash loan quickly. You will have no trouble with the online payday loans application process with the fast service and superior customer support of the MyCashNow direct payday loans lender.

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