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Ever found yourself short of money just when payday is about to arrive? Many people have fallen into these predicaments where they run out of "gas" just before their latest salary arrives. This quite a pickle to be in and some people run to family and friends to borrow money just to be able to make it through the next few days.

Lucky, there's MyPaydayLoan, an online service which provides these people with quick payday loans without the hassle of the long and tedious process of submitting requirements and needing a fax machine to fix everything. The website offers cash advances, which you can get even if you have bad credit. The only requirements would a checking account that is at least three months old, and employment that pays you a net amount of at least $1,000 a month.

The approval process also claims to be more hassle-free, as it does away with the traditional need for a fax machine to be able to get your application sorted. However, take note that not everyone who meets the general standards can get a payday loan. Those who are relatively new in their place of employ (5 months or less), filed for bankruptcy over the last year or many more times, or have outstanding payday loans cannot be granted a cash advance.

Many customers who have availed of this website's service have positive feedback on the smoothness of the entire process and the excellent customer service - two attributes that make MyPaydayLoan stand out from the rest.

Also, new customers may be offered for a FREE payday loan or cash advance. The loan is free provided that you pay the full payment due (i.e. the amount of payday loans / cash advance that you borrowed) prior to your loan's due date.

SUMMARY - If you're in desperate need for cash in a short amount of time, MyPaydayLoan is highly recommended. You will definitely be able to get that cash advance quickly, without having to sort through your personal documents and fax them. If you are a new customer you may be eligible for a FREE payday loan or cash advance from MyPaydayLoan.

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