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Reason1 In 3 Minutes - Find Your Direct Payday Loan Lenders in One Place
Apply Directly with the Licensed Payday Loan Lenders
Make a No Credit Check Payday Loan Application offered by Some Direct Lenders
Apply for a No Faxing Payday Loan, typically up to $1,000 - $1,500
Get Your Approved Cash Advance Wired in 1 - 24 Hrs or Overnight
Apply with some Direct Pay day Loan Lenders for a first-time Customer Free Loan.

Apply Now for Online Direct Lender Payday Loans from the MyPaydayLoan.com Direct Payday Loan Lender...

Lender: My Payday Loan  Rating: 5 Stars Direct Payday Loan Lenders

Reason1 Payady Loans / Cash Advances of up to $1,000
People with Low Credit Scores Can Apply
Fast Payday Loan Online Approval Process
Loan Funds will be Deposited to Your Account Overnight
No Fax Required & Loan Application is available 24 Hrs a Day
First-time Customers may apply for a Free Loan
A CHECKING Account of at least 3 months old is required
Employed at Present Job for at least 6 months, and
Have a monthly NET Income of at least $1,000.

Apply Today from PaydayMax.com one of the Direct Payday Loan Lenders for Online Payday Loans No Direct Deposit

Lender: Payday Max  Rating: 5 Stars Direct Payday Loan Lenders

Reason1 Payady Loans / Cash Advances of $100 - $1,000
Loan Funds will be Transferred to Your Account Overnight
Apply Online 24/7 through a Secured Website Server
Fast Approvals & Normally No Faxing Required
No Traditional Credit Checks (May check with Teletrack)
24 Hours a day's (Mon-Sat) Customer Help & Support
Loan Applicants must be at least 18 Years of Age
Have a Paid Job / other Steady Source of Income, and
Not Live in States of AR, CO, GA, MT, NH, NJ, OH, VA / WV.

Apply for CFSA Certified Payday Loans from CashNetUSA.com one of the CFSA Payday Loan Lenders Direct in U.S...

Lender: Cash Net USA  Rating: 5 Stars Direct Payday Loan Lenders

Reason1 CFSA Certified, Licensed Lending to Customers Since 2004
No Paperwork & No Faxing Required - Loans up to $700
Funds will be Wired to Your Account by the Next Business Day
People with Less-than-perfect Credit History can Apply
Apply Online, Professional Customer Service 24/7
50% Off Loan Fees (by 03-31-2013, Coupon: NEWCASH50)
Have been Employed for at least 1 month
Have an Active Checking Account, and
Age of 18 or greater.

Apply for Fax Payday Cash Advance Loans from the MyCashNow.com Direct Payday Loans Lender Online...

Lender: My Cash Now  Rating: 4 & Half Stars

Reason1 Payday Cash Advance Loans of $100 - $1,000
Quick Online Payday Loans Approval Process
No Faxing Required for Online Loans Application
Traditional Credit Checks is Not Required
Loan Funds will be Wired Directly to Your Account Overnight
Customer Service is Available 24 Hours a day's (Mon-Sat)
Must be at least 18 Years of Age
Have a Checking Account for at least 3 Months, and
Have a Regular Job Income of Minimum $1,000 per Month.

Apply for Low Cost Payday Loans Online from the DiscountAdvances.com Direct & Real Payday Loans Lender...

Lender: Discount Advances  Rating: 4 & Half Stars

Reason1 Fast Approval for Payady Advance Loans of up to $1,000
Funds Deposited Directly into your Account Overnight
No Traditional Credit Checks & Normally No Fax Required
Apply Online through a Secured Website Server 24/7
Your Payday Loan Account is 24/7 Available Online
24 Hours a day's (Mon-Sat) Friendly Customer Support
You must be at least 18 Years of Age
Have a Paid Job or Other Steady Source of Income, and
Have a Checking Account of at least 3 Months Old.

Apply Now for Cash Advances and Legitimate Payday Loans Online from ACECashExpress.com the Legitimate Direct Payday Lender in U.S...

Lender: ACE Cash Express  Rating: 4 Stars

Reason1 Licensed Payday Lender with Over 40 Years of Experience
Offering Cash Advance Loans of $100 - $1,000
Bad Credit is OK and No Faxing & No Collateral Required
Fast Online Approval of Payday Loans in just Minutes
Get Cash in Hand Today or Cash Deposited Overnight
Every Loan comes with a 48-hour Satisfaction Guarantee
Must have a Checking / Savings Account
Must Not Currently be a Debtor in a Bankruptcy Case, and
Must have a Minimum $1,000 per Month Regular Income.

Apply for Legit Payday Loans Online from CashCentral.com one of the Direct Payday Lenders No Third Party in the U.S...

Lender: Cash Central  Rating: 4 Stars

Reason1 State & Federal Licensed Direct Payday Loans Lender
Offering 24/7 Confidential & Online Payday Loan Services
Knowledgeable & Friendly Customer Service
Get your Loan Funds Overnight via ACH Wire Transfer
Fast Loan Approval - Know Your Loan Result within Minutes
Have a Valid CHECKING Account in Your Name
Have been Employed 3 Months or Longer, and
Take Home a Minimum of $1,000 NET Monthly (after taxes).

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6 Major Benefits of Getting a Loan from the Direct Payday Loan Lenders Online:

1st Benefit of Online Direct Payday Loan Lenders  Lower Commission Frees: You do not pay extra commission fees for your direct payday loan, because any third party company/website generating payday loan leads for the direct payday loan lenders are getting paid for the leads, and it's in the end the borrowers/customers who are to pay for these leads through paying a higher commission fees.

  Direct Online Application: A payday loan applicant is required to fill out a simple & short online application form at the direct payday loan lenders secure website which usually consists of a few questions asking for personal and employment details of the potential borrower/customer.

  Get the Latest Information: You have the opportunity to research the direct payday loan lenders (or direct payday loan companies), and requesting further information directly from them before supplying your personal and bank checking account details for your loan application.

  Licensed & Legitimate Companies: Direct payday loan lenders are licensed & certified by the state and/or federal authority, accordingly they should be well regulated under the existing laws in the US.

  Consumer Protection: Some direct pay day loans lenders are the members of "The Community Financial Services Association of America" (CFSA) who are committed to ensure that legitimate payday loan is a safe & viable credit option for borowers.

6th Benefit of Online Direct Payday Loan Lenders  Reliable & Experienced Companies: Many of the existing direct payday loan lenders have been doing online payday loans business for years, therefore they are mostly trustworthy and experienced payday lending companies (i.e. many of these direct payday lenders are CFSA certified payday loan companies in the U.S).

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